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Law office "Nika"

Law firm "Nika" provides legal assistance.

Included in the Inter-Regional Bar Association in Moscow - one of the largest colleges in Russia.

Head of law firm "Nika" - Alexander N. Lomzhin for several years is a permanent member of the Presidium of the Bar of the Interregional Moscow.

Legal aid is carried out in 1998.

Lawyers involved in solving complex legal problems.

The professionalism of lawyers emerged from years of experience in the field of jurisprudence.

We provide legal assistance in criminal and administrative cases, civil and family disputes, accompany real estate transactions, helping to defend and restore a driver's license.

Lawyers provide the protection of citizens not only in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, but also in other regions of the Russian Federation.

We try to advocate for you to become a friend who is always ready to help you.

Stage select an attorney is very important for the outcome of your case.

In this paper we advocate, there are hundreds of nuances, different techniques, technologies and methods to protect the interests of the PRINCIPAL that we use.

These methods are a lawyer acquires with time and experience.

This lawyer, like a good brandy, a property which over time improves only: a lawyer with years of knowledge deepened, the recommendations are more accurate and effective protection.

Lawyers will review the detailed nature of your problem and you will have exactly the legal help that you really need.

We do not want to advocate inaction inspired government officials, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and courts.

If you have not seen that come to the right site to qualified lawyers, please call us and it will allow you to verify the correctness of your choice.

The consultation gives you the opportunity to ask questions in the case.

Lawyer to assess the prospects of the case and will explain how to act.

Timely consultation will allow you to go the right way to solve your problems, do not complicate the outcome of the case in the future.

Frees you from the costs are not qualified, save your time.

My colleagues represent the interests of clients in government, law, tax authorities and courts.

We will help you to appeal against decisions and actions (or inaction) of state bodies, local authorities, public associations and officials, and in some cases - and international bodies for the protection of human rights and freedoms.

Lawyers required to protect the complex and non-traditional approaches to solving complex legal problems.

You will receive a complete set of legal aid.

The lawyer does not serve or protect the interests of the state of justice and non-government represents and protects the private interest.

If the prosecutor - the lawyer of the state, the legal profession - the defender of civil society.

Our lawyers have picked up the site for you some interesting information.

In addition, we wish you to cheer up your loved ones and dear to you people headings anecdotes and interesting quotes.

Attorneys at full capacity will treat each Principal and his legal problems.
Thank you for visiting our site.

Head of Alexander Lomzhin


Office Address: Metro Skobelevskaya Street. Skobelevskaya h.21
Phone / Fax: +7 (495) 971-82-01,
+7 (495) 712-89-89, +7 (903) 744-58-06

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